Large Decanter Wine Jug by Joe Cariati
Large Decanter Wine Jug by Joe Cariati

Large Decanter Wine Jug by Joe Cariati


Quintessentially modern in function and style, the large decanter collection is a study in purity of form, elegant lines and graceful curves. Joe Cariati deftly reinterprets these sophisticated iconic mid 20th century classics in an entirely fresh and cl

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7.5"D x 7.5"W x 17"H


Joe Cariati’s work is entirely “free blown”, a Venetian glassblowing process that utilizes the human hand, not blow molds, to form vessels from start to finish.  No part of our process is automated and it cannot be replicated by any machine or mold.  A small team of experienced glassmakers assist Joe during the process to ensure the utmost quality and proportion of each piece.  From color preparation, to gathering to proper amount of material, each work is literally made one by one, using ancient techniques that have been perfected over the course of Joe’s twenty-year career.

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