Juju Hat {Toffee} Juju Hat {Toffee}
Juju Hat {Toffee} Juju Hat {Toffee}

Juju Hat {Toffee}


Go ahead. Let your feathers be ruffled.

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A warm and welcoming infusion of texture; perfectly sized for petite spaces in need of something special.

About the juju hat: Used as a ceremonial headdress by the Bamileke culture of Cameroon, these stunning designs signify prosperity and the positive energies of the natural world.

18" diameter.
Feathers on raffia base
Sewn in Cameroon
Keep it fresh: Open and allow to sit unfolded in garage or outdoors for 24 hours prior to hanging. Once a month, dampen a cloth with lavender, eucalyptus, or citronella essential oils and wipe feathers.


Article number: SIWD-JU00011-STF
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